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 Blood Angel

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PostSubject: Blood Angel   Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:52 pm

Von stood exhausted, his journey had be fair greater than he had expected. Many battles had left his once shining steel armour in broken tatters. Large dents and scorch marks poke dotted the armour he had once been so proud of. A few claw marks were also cut deep into his back and his bracers.
His faithful partner Gliscor dragged his tired body along, conserving its energy. Both were fighting the heavy had of sleep, hunger scratched at there stomachs and many small wounds drained there dwindling strength.

As they reached the crest of the hill, they saw there destination, the beautiful white walls and the cream coloured buildings of the capital city, Gravina.

‘Close now my friend’ Whispered Von. ‘Just a little further’
Gliscor merely grunted in reply. He had taken a good few beatings over the long trip, but still stood to Von’s wonderment.
Von surveyed the plains below, many large camps were clearly visible, as well and many armoured ment marching around, easily seen as the hot, bright sun reflected off there suits of armour, like water on a still pond.

They had been weary off all in there way, hiding in ditches of icy water and patches of long dry grass, but finally there luck ran out. A young iron clad warrior had spotted the tired pair and without even a word, had drawn his blade. Von heard the man before he had seen him, Gliscor had moved and easily deflected the blade with a swipe of his claw. Von’s blade was drawn a second later.
The young warrior could clearly see Von and his partner were in a bad way. ‘I would have never though, I would be the one to catch you, you traitor!’ The man lunged forward, Von easily deflected each strike, but he was running on empty. I have to finish this quickly Von though.

The battle hadn’t gone well. Three more warriors had joined, as well as a Durant, Arbok and a Machoke. The first man’s partner had also joined, a rather dirty Raticate.
Von fought hard, his mission in his mind, this soul purpose willed him on. Gliscor also fought hard, but he was flagging and taking more and more hits. This was hopeless, another man had seen the fight and was now closing in, riding a Ponyta.
‘This is it’ Von though, deflecting a flurry of blows from two men. He didn’t see a third, over his left shoulder. A sharp pain and a jarring feeling as metal met bone. Von fought back the panic and pain of the blade in between his shoulder blades. An arrow found its mark in his left shoulder, but still he stood, moving with a speed that surprised even himself, his blade took the life of two men, once in the neck, the second a cleanly driven strike to the heart. A third fell shortly after, clutching his wrist, over where his hand had been a second before.

Gliscor had managed to pull through, Both man and Pokemon stood bloody, weak and ready to fall. Von could feel his life slipping through the wound on his back, hot sticky blood oozed down, pooling at his waist. The blood had dripped through the cut Von’s armour leaving him with what could almost be mistaken as gory wings.

Time seemed to move so slowly. The walk to the castle had seemed to take an age. The streets of the majestic city were all empty, with the exception of a few of the city guard who ran past. Von walked on, leaving bloody foot prints with each agonising step. No one stopped him, no one ran to help, or offer assistance. Many who did seem to notice him, quickly disappeared, or made their selves seem busy. The soldiers to busy with the defence of the city to bother with this pathetic looking man.
The castle, finally though Von…… He took a few unsteady steps forward… A few more before collapsing. The sun seemed so large, yet the warmth Von had always felt was nowhere… He felt so cold, so very tired. He though for a moment of his failings…. This drove him. He forced his heavy eyelids open, pulling his blade from his waist, he used it as a means to raise to his feet.

Von remembered this courtyard fondly, He had grown up nearby the city. He had come here often with his mother, when he was small. He had met his partner here as a Gligar. Von walked a few more steps toward the fountain in the centre. As Von edged forward a shadow of a man came into view. A long black coat billowed in the rising wind, his long silver hair ran down to meet his shoulders. His face was almost angelic, large brilliant blue eyes and pale skin. A long broad sword, driven point first stood almost as tall as he was, stood just next to him.
‘I have waited for you Von beast slayer, I was told you were coming. You have killed a lot of my men on your little journey’
Von stood silently, another obstacle he thought. I mist complete…. I must complete my mission.
‘I must congratulate you Von. You have done so very well, I had heard great things of your journey. Yet here you stand, a shadow of yourself. Your broken Von, throw me Ascari and accept your fate’
Von looked down at his narrow silver blade. It was said this blade was crafted from one of supports of the great wheel from Arceus’s back. Inlaid with one of its gems. Von had wielded this blade for much of his life, A rare gift from the King of this city.
Von Spat on the ground in the direction of the man.
‘You give me little chose then beast slayer, I will kill you, take your blade and report your mission a fail to the king’
The man yanked his blade from the dirt and charged toward Von.
Von raised his own blade instinctively, the mans met Von’s own but the weight of the broad sword smashed Ascari, hard into Von’s side, sending him flying several feet. Von his the ground hard, sending up a cloud of dirt and dust, the wound on Vons back throbbed violently. Von could hear laughter from where he had stood.
‘I had hoped you would put up some sort of fight before I killed you Von….. Maybe I should have come and found you sooner?’ Von staggered to his feet, the tiredness was so heavy now, pure will power pulled him to his feet, but once he had gotten there, he became aware that he was unarmed. He turned slowly, trying to fond his weapon, but his tired muscles and the wound on his back prevented him from turning to much. He dared now turn his back on his attacker, to search for the sword.
The man leapt forward again, swinging his blade savagely, Von leapt back with surprising speed and grace, each swing from the broad sword missing by a few inches. A thrust, Von sidestepped, smashing his gauntleted left hand into his attackers face.

The fight was surprisingly enjoyable for Von, although he couldn’t do any real damage to this attack, he was still able to land a few hits. Finally the fighting slowed. The attacker growing weary from wielding his sword.
Gliscor, who had been standing at the sidelines resting made a move now. He shot across the battle field, scooping up Ascari and landing elegantly by Von’s side. Finally armed, the sun had all but vanished from the sky, Von moved, power flowing through him. The man deflected three blows before leaping back several feet. Surprised by Von’s new found energy.
‘Why are you still alive’ the man roared ‘ your wounds should have claimed you!’
Von chuckled. ‘You don’t know of my story? Of what the fables say about the forest I went to?’
The attackers face, a mixture of rage and confusion.
‘I am no beast slayer’ Von smirked ‘I am a beast!’
The moon finally broke its cover, climbing into the sky. Von charged, closing the gap.
Ascari glowed suddenly, Von slashed, cleaving the broad sword in two before driving his blade into his attackers chest!

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PostSubject: Re: Blood Angel   Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:22 pm

Epic...thats all there is to say man...epic


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Blood Angel
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