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 The End of BlueDude

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PostSubject: The End of BlueDude   Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:42 pm

Star Returns
After everything had settled down after Darkness has been defeated everyone enjoyed the new Peaceful world they now lived in. However this Peace was shortly lived when a disturbance came from the Outer World. Everyone went to check it out and it turned out to be Star and his family however they were stronger. Star stated people can't live in peace unless one person in controlling them and waged war on BlueDude and his army. Even though BlueDude was the commander of his army Rex took to the front and faced off against Star. BlueDude was then placed up against Sleeper, who was extremely powerful. BlueDude outmatched uses his last resort and pulls up his secret weapon, turning his eternal sword into a replica of himself and fight along side him proving to be a deadly combination. During BlueDude's and Sleeper's fight BlueDude noticed weird things happening such as two people he has never seen before appeared and started to fight along side him. The two was Darkness and Shining the brother from the dead world, the two fought against Star's family. BlueDude and Sleeper was evenly matched until Time God and Space God appeared to assist BlueDude by breaking a seal on him that was placed by themselves. After the seal was broken BlueDude transformed into the Dimensional Ark or Dimensional God and showed powers like no other and quickly dealt with Sleeper. He then rushed towards Rex who was struggling with Star. BlueDude was easily beating Star however Star uses his Strongest move and cuts BlueDude into a billion parts however BlueDude reappears behind Star in the matter of seconds and takes away his powers, the move would a have hard for Rex the Immortal Phoenix to even recover from. BlueDude raises his sword towards the helpless Star, and drops it, then places Star in a orb of light. After the orb disappears Star is back to his normal self and gains his powers back, The new form BlueDude had acquired struck fear into not only his enemies but as well as his allies. BlueDude then turns back into the Lost Angel and returns home with new allies.

Attack of Dimension
A few days after Stars return BlueDude faces a weird dream where he is standing in front of a man, the man then claims he is the new owner of this body and then cuts BlueDude leaving a fatal wound on him. BlueDude wakes up to find he is in the hospital part of the HQ being healed by Angel and Elizabeth. BlueDude fully healed then walks out of the HQ and see's Malik who is asks for a sparing session. BlueDude accepts however while battling BlueDude seems to have lost of his powers. BlueDude's eyes then turn Yellow and Orange, Malik knowing these colors called for Time and Space for backup. Shortly after seeing Malik, Space, and Time surround BlueDude everyone started to surround waiting to see what will happen. Malik then states BlueDude body has been taken over by Dimension. When Dimension admits that it's true he then goes on a rampage killing everyone, as if he was unstoppable. After BlueDude had witness enough his anger had supplied him with another body to fight against Dimension, however Dimension wasn't going to play fair so with the dead remains of BlueDude's friends and family he controlled there bodies as if they were dolls and sent them after BlueDude. BlueDude was then captured and held down by Malik and Rex, in front of him was Angel holding a gun pointed towards his head. BlueDude tried talking to her to see if he could break her out of it but he couldn't and was shot, BlueDude's body now useless and basically dead BlueDude's spirit left his body in search for a new one however that was no easy task since Dimension had basically eradicated every single living thing. However BlueDude did find a body which was heavily decayed but it was the best he had. BlueDude then reappeared in front of Dimension with his own type of Puppets, the other 5 BlueDude's. Later Dimension decided to take stand and face BlueDude 1 on 1. After a while Dimension discarded BlueDude's body showing his true body and strength, while doing that BlueDude took back his original body turned into the Dimensional Ark. After a long battle, BlueDude came out on top however before Dimension died he whispered in BlueDude's ear Thank you and then died. BlueDude was confused and puzzled by this fact, however before he started to look for answers he revived everyone and everything that had died. BlueDude after doing this though was left with no clues or hints to who or what Dimension was or why he did what he did. However even though BlueDude couldn't find them they was about to find BlueDude.

The Day Peace Died
To be continued


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The End of BlueDude
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