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 Cyndaquils available

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Aer Dragneel

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PostSubject: Cyndaquils available   Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:59 pm

I have butt tons of quils from trying to get a shiny. These cyndaqils are the offspring of the famous Stoerm and some weird named Japanese female. Post below how many you want(Max 3) and what gender and or nature. Then post what you are gonna trade. I will approve if I like what I see. Also remember cyndaquil females are harder and rarer so try to get only one.

Most wanted list:

1. Event Meloetta(or a regular one with relic song <3)
2. Victinis (I'm a hoarder)
3. Shinx
4. Eevee
5. Any shiny
6. Snivy
7. Oshawott
8. Chikorita
9. Treecko
10. Chimchar
11. Turtwig
12. Any fire type
13. Any rare items


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Cyndaquils available
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