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 The Legend of Star

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PostSubject: The Legend of Star   Fri Dec 21, 2012 5:07 pm

A young warrior who was seeking power, Throughout his life he met difficult challenges, but none harder then Rex, his best friend and greatest Rival. Rex was known as being the Legendary Phoenix while Star was known as the Legendary Aqua Dragon. However they weren't always friends. When Rex was the strongest warrior and spreading his rain of terror, BlueDude and Malik with the help of some other Warriors emerged onto the field, one of them being an unknown warrior was Star. Star was the first to confront Rex and demonstrated his strength by holding Rex off from attacking Earth single handed. When Malik and BlueDude became two different leaders, Star was left with a choice, Not knowing what to do he went to Earth and fell in love. Star's choice of weapons were Bullet Gloves, a Glove that shot bullets from the back of the hand.

Star joined BlueDude knowing BlueDude would do his best to protect everyone on Earth from Malik's rain of terror. Star was sent on a mission to see what was happening on the south western part of the Universe where he was attacked by five of Malik's officers, out numbered Star tried to retreat but couldn't. Rex then comes around and gives Star a helping hand. They looked at each other and smiled, and shook hands, Star then took Rex to BlueDude's HQ where BlueDude accepted Rex's forgiveness. Rex then joined BlueDude's forces and was placed in Star's unit. Star's unit consisted of five members excluding himself, Rex, Shadow, Echo, Elizabeth, and Paper. During the first BlueDude and Malik war they were sent on a mission to attack the enemy from behind, however that didn't work since Malik saw this coming and sent Dino and Death, Malik's strongest officers. Paper and Echo lost there lives, Elizabeth lost her memories, Star and Rex defeating Dino and Death. On there way back Star was carrying Echo and Paper while Rex was carrying Elizabeth.

Star was told to stay on Earth after that incident for BlueDude didn't want to take him away from his family. Star remained on Earth, with constant visits from Rex who was giving info about the lines of battle. Star sat back and wished he could help but understood what BlueDude was saying, He didn't want to be separated from his family. When it came to the second war between BlueDude and Malik, Star was called back into action and told that he would lead the forces with Rex. They stood among Malik's massive army with there small forces. They were there to hold the enemy off not to do any massive damage. Star and Rex were then confronted by Mist and Omega, BlueDude's Sister and BlueDude's Father. They battled it out, letting BlueDude to get behind Malik's forces. Star defeated Mist but didn't kill her, Omega then landed a devastating blow on Rex and grabbed Mist then retreated. Star went to see if Rex was alright, Rex then said it doesn't matter since he can't die due to the Power of the Phoenix. As time moved on, Star was able to harness the power of the Aqua Dragon.

Star was once again sent back to Earth, but this time when BlueDude's and Malik's final war emerged he took no part of it. He heard Rex took down over a hundred thousand of Malik's forces. Star was impressed to see how strong Rex has gotten but doesn't know how strong he has gotten. He then met with Rex on secret occasions and challenged him, where it seemed they were evenly matched. They continued there training day after day getting even stronger. Star then stopped his training and spent time with his family that he loved deer. However he was once called into battle again to fight against Destroyer who's views on were twisted. Facing serious injuries BlueDude and Angel healed his wounds, then was sent home for rest and relaxation from fighting.

In Star's final chapter, His family was killed by "BlueDude" or someone who looked like him. Star then joined Destroyer and the Darkness to kill BlueDude and BlueChaos. When confronted by BlueDude and BlueChaos he acted a little strange and stated to them all he wants is to die so he can be with his loved ones, but that he wasn't going to hold back. A fierce battle emerged, BlueChaos bullets however clogged Star's Bullet Gloves, causing them to explode on him. with his hands now basically useless they asked him to stop but he denied it and went charging towards BlueDude but was stabbed through the heart with BlueDude's eternal sword. There he admitted his true intentions, he knew BlueDude didn't kill his family, he knew it was Destroyer but that he was to weak to stop him his self, so he joined Destroyer just to make them stronger. He thanked BlueDude and BlueChaos, then closed his eyes for good reuniting with his family.


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The Legend of Star
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