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 BlueDude : Malik, Reborn.

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PostSubject: BlueDude : Malik, Reborn.   Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:55 am

In the final midst of Chaos, BlueDude stands before Malik who has been taken over by Darkness, who is unstoppable due to the Chaotic and Unstable power that has been formed. YellowDude, BlueDude's younger twin brother and as equally strong as BlueDude, is laying behind BlueDude unconscious, both are covered by there own blood, but not Malik's. BlueDude uses his last resort weapon, a weapon he thought he would never have to use, The Shot of Judgement. Malik heads towards BlueDude at tremendous speed, BlueDude then fires the gun, releasing the Bullet of Judgement, as well with firing the shot the Gun shattered to pieces, it was heading for Malik's skull. Inside Malik's mind, Malik's subconscious was fighting Darkness but losing. Then memories of Malik's past filled the empty space, all were the color of shifting between the colors of white and a dark gray. Malik stated this is the end, Where the immortal Creator would die, before the Bullet of Judgement reached Malik's mind all the memories turned into one, a promise him and BlueDude had made. "The one who saved my life, is the same one who took it away". The Bullet finally reached Malik's skull ultimately killing him and Darkness while freeing Malik from the Darkness. Malik awakes in the Dark Gray area, a place Malik refers to the "Hell of the Afterlife", in front of him was a Black Ooze form which seemed to have no purpose. Then Hands and faces from Malik's family sprang from the Ooze. There eyes showed nothing but pitch black, Showing the pain and fear they went through.

Malik : I see.... So my time is finally up.... I would like to say I'm sorry to all of you.

The hands of his family grab him and slowly starts to pull him into the Ooze, But Malik doesn't seem to be fighting it.

Malik : Father, I blamed you for everything... when It was all my fault... My Older Brother, I felt as if you always wanted me to go to hell.... But I always felt the same about you.... till you was gone... My Younger Brother and Sister, You were always there for me.... I... I couldn't let you see what I would become... I know it would a have only hurt you... Mother, -Tears start to come down Malik's eyes- I'm truly sorry, you were the only person who actually stood up for me when I did something wrong or accused of it..... I'm sorry for killing you all.... I deserve what ever lies behind the Black Ooze.... I'm ready.... to join you...

Malik then entered the Ooze with his family, admitting hes sorry after so long for what he has done to them. He didn't struggle a little, he felt as if he had it coming to him for all the terrible things hes done. Meanwhile with BlueDude he stands there looking at Malik, seeing he had broke his promise to himself, "I will never kill a friend, and when you become my friend, your my friend for life... No matter what!" BlueDude then turns around and see's Shanice, Malik's wife, and Leo, Malik's son, and see's tears coming down there eyes but knowing what has happened was for the best. BlueDude then walks towards to Yellow who was still unconscious and picks him up. All of the sudden a Light started to glow from Malik's body. The light, it shined and started to change Malik. Malik's Steel Talons were no more, He no longer had Horns, or tails, His devil wings were turned into Angel wings. The body of Malik's was fully transformed, then it showed movement. Malik stands with his newly formed body, spreading his Red Wings. Shanice, Leo, BlueDude, and YellowDude who is slowly regaining consciousness look at Malik in sheer amazement. Shanice and Leo run towards Malik crying.

Shanice : Malik... We thought you was dead....
Malik : Yea... I thought I was as well...
BlueDude : Malik your alive! I guess The Shot of Judgement didn't kill you.
Malik : -Now starting to realize what he saw- It could a have, It did as the name suggests. It judged me, seeing if I was worth of a second chance, or being sent to death permanently.
Leo : Dad... -Malik then puts his hand on Leo's head, smiles and then looks behind him- What are you looking at? -Malik then looks back at everyone-
Malik : My... family. I wonder... If they can ever forgive me..
1st Voice : Yes we can.
2nd Voice : I might hate you at sometimes, But I can always forgive you.
3rd Voice : You was scared of what you would become.
4th Voice : But look! Your a beautiful Angel!
5th Voice : We are family. We will and will always forgive you no matter what you do.

Malik and everyone else looks behind Malik and see's his family. Malik finally knowing that his family can forgive him, starts to cry again, but this time in happiness. BlueDude starts to laugh at the family reunion, then states, In the future let our families have a little brawl, which Malik and his family agreed to. BlueDude and YellowDude who were quick self healers were healed from about half of there wounds and went back to the HQ with Mailk and his reunited family, where BlueDude's and YellowDude's wounds were healed by Angel, Shanice, and Elizabeth. This marked A Beginning and A Old End for the Rights of Peace.


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PostSubject: Re: BlueDude : Malik, Reborn.   Tue Dec 11, 2012 12:01 am

Nice story, Also like "The Shot of Judgement" original idea

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BlueDude : Malik, Reborn.
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