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 BlueDude : The Monster Or Something Else?

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PostSubject: BlueDude : The Monster Or Something Else?   Fri Nov 09, 2012 10:49 pm

At the end of the 3rd BlueDude and Malik War, BlueDude was able to bring back everyone or mostly everyone who had lost there life. However sightings of Malik, Omega*BlueDude's Father*, and Mist*BlueDude's younger Sister* which made BlueDude, Rex, and Green*BlueDude's younger cousin* step out and find them. In due time they found the three and a battle broke lose. BlueDude Vs Malik, Rex Vs Mist, Green Vs Savior. However in the middle of the battle, Malik yelled stop, in which case everyone did, He then said he had a surprise to show everyone, The Monster of which he had always previously mentioned of. The Monster claws its way out of Malik's body leaving a gap in Malik's chest which seemed void, Then Malik started to walk away leaving Savior and Mist. BlueDude takes the stand and looks at The Monster in the face. The Monster looked like a human but seemed like it was just an Black Aura, with Red Eyes. The Monster charges up to BlueDude and lands a devastating punch. BlueDude who now realizes not even himself can challenge the power of the Monster. BlueDude then hears a voice telling him to rely on the Blessing and Curse of the Legendary Angel, in which BlueDude does, but it still seems to be not enough. The voice then tells BlueDude to not only rely on the Blessing and Curse but to look them in the eye, shake there hands, and thank them for what they have contributed, BlueDude does as told and gets stronger. Then BlueDude looks at The Monsters Eyes then BlueDude's and The Monster's Aura starts to battle each other, showing there enormous power, then the two charged at each other. The was so Dynamic as there swords clashed a force filled the air, a Force of hope and Fear. One after another, Punch after Punch, Slash after Slash, The two seemed as if the others attack were doing nothing still fighting covered in each others blood. BlueDude's Eyes then turn Purple and Blue showing the Power of the Blessing and Curse has being fully accepted and charges to The Monster. The Monster's sword ends up piercing BlueDude's upper left Shoulder, while BlueDude's sword ended up piercing The Monster's heart. The Monster however still with strength took his sword out of BlueDude and then tries to attack BlueDude, however BlueDude kicks The Monster away with BlueDude's sword still inside The Monster.

BlueDude : Go Eternal Sword! Blade Tornado!

All of the sudden a tornado shoots out of the other side of The Monster's body, The Tornado was formed by shards of the Sword. The Tornado not only made a hole in the Monsters body but also cut up the insides of The Monster, when the move ended the Sword's form was turned back to normal but still inside The Monster. The Monster is motionless and defeated but still standing, BlueDude however starts to notice that the Black Aura around The Monster is starting to fade away and showing signs of a Human, then when the Aura was fully gone it showed a boy, who was bleeding from the mouth, then the boy starts to fall on his back. BlueDude rushes to the body while everyone takes there time, BlueDude grabs the boy before he fully hits the ground. All the others who got close to the boy realized he looked exactly like BlueDude but instead of him being Blue, he was Yellow. The boy then looks into BlueDude's eyes.

Boy : ... Brother...?

A shocked expression fills BlueDude's face, the air around them goes silent and still, no one knows what to say or what to do.

BlueDude : I... think you have me confused for someone else.

Malik then appears with a wicked smile on his face, then slowly starts to laugh. Everyone looks at Malik to see what he has done here.

Malik : No, no BlueDude. He's correct. You are his brother, His older twin brother. His name is YellowDude.
Omega : Impossible. Sky never gave birth to a twin!
Malik : Yes.... but did you forget who the Creator is? Yellow was my 2nd creation with BlueDude being my 1st. I created BlueDude to destroy the Universe and all life with it, but I also created YellowDude to stop BlueDude and form new life and make everyone live in peace, but as you can see, The tables were turned and they have switched parts in life.

BlueDude is holding his younger twin brother in his hands thinking he was killing a mindless creation of Malik's when in reality he was killing his younger brother. Everyone besides BlueDude is now enraged at Malik for doing such a twisted thing, knowing BlueDude would be destroyed from this.

Omega : Malik.... you've gone to far!

Omega rushes up to Malik but with one punch to the chest Malik stops Omega, Omega who is now bleeding from the mouth takes out his sword but then Malik punches Omega in the face sending him flying backwards. Mist after seeing this runs up to Omega making sure hes ok.

Mist : Dad! Are you ok!
Omega : Don't.... get out of here....
Mist : What?
-Mist looks behind her and there is Malik-
Malik : Goodbye.

Malik then opens up his hand and a laser emerges from his hand engulfing Omega and Mist, turning them into nothing but dust. Rex then charges up to Malik, Rex who was Malik's rival at a point of time, takes out his Phoenix sword, but Malik grabs it and attacks Rex, but Rex due to how fast he is was easily able to dodge Malik's attack but then falls back knowing that one hit could a have been his last. BlueDude is still holding his dying brother in his hands, unable to move because of the sequence of events, crying, his tears hits his brothers face. BlueDude is unable to look his brother in his face but still cries.

Yellow : Brother... it's ok. I wanted.... it to end this.... way... I want peace.... but I couldn't stop.... myself.... I saw the horrors.... in everyone's eyes... -Yellow places his hand on BlueDude's head- I know.... you know this was for... the best but... you cry... is it because.... I'm dying? -Yellow starts to cough out more blood- You... can always bring... back our father... and sister... but you can't bring me back.... if you do you... will only have to kill me again. Leave me... to be in the.... Darkness... but... bring peace into.... the Uni...verse...

YellowDude then closes his eyes, the little warmth his body had is now gone, BlueDude is now holding a lifeless body in his arms, and still is crying. However Yellow died with a smile on his face. BlueDude places the body down and takes his sword from his brother's lifeless body, his head down, unable to see his eye's that were always filled with happiness and joy, as well as hope. Rex and Green walk up to BlueDude. BlueDude is standing over his brothers body still crying.

Green : Blue... I know you must be sad but... We have to put an end to Malik, Don't you agree?
BlueDude : ...
Green : He just killed your Father and Sister and made you kill your brother Don't you want to kill Malik?
BlueDude : ...
Rex : Green let's go. You should already know BlueDude's answer. He will never kill a friend, no mat-
Green : Friend! Did you just not see what happened! Malik is no friend!
Rex : To BlueDude he is.... You should know BlueDude more then anyone, you've basically lived with him your entire life. Once he see's someone as his friend, no matter what they will always be his friend. He won't kill Malik, but will try to show him the Light. All we can do is fight by his side, and hope for the best. This is out of our hands now let's go. You lecturing him is only making him feel worse.... Also people at the base are still weak, we need to be there just in case Malik try's something else. -Green nods-

The two leave BlueDude alone, BlueDude is still crying....

BlueDude : Yellow... I swear... on your life... I will bring Peace to this world... and show Malik the Light, and let him join my army for Peace... I swear on your life... -BlueDude picks up YellowDude- I... know where to bury you...

BlueDude buries YellowDude where his house use to be, before Malik destroyed it

BlueDude : You... will always be home... Goodbye... brother...

BlueDude leaves his home and heads towards the base, but when he arrives there, his eyes are no longer filled with Happiness and Joy, but as if a void has entered his heart.... but the hope in his eye's were still there, stronger then ever.


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PostSubject: Re: BlueDude : The Monster Or Something Else?   Sat Nov 10, 2012 12:27 pm

Great twist haha...(thumbs up)

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BlueDude : The Monster Or Something Else?
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