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 The Birth Of The 11th Creator

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PostSubject: The Birth Of The 11th Creator   Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:12 am

In the snap of fingers, Another war broke out but during the age of Peace BlueDude had created. The 3rd Creator "M" has come back from another dimension to finish off his First creation the First Legendary Angel. Blue, Malik, and Guardian went off to face M but was outmatched, in the blink of an eye though BlueDude appears and stops M from killing Blue. M then creates 5 evenly powered Clones of himself, BlueDude who now has to face 6 M's smiled and just deflected they're attacks when all of a sudden 5 of the 6 M's were stopped by the other 5 BlueDude's, which means Erazer, Death Bringer, and The Destroyer also came back from the dead to fight again but for Peace. M is outmatched and soon defeated by BlueDude, but BlueDude and everyone else learns that There were seals placed on the other Creators by M, quickly the 4th Creator comes and as well is defeated. Malik tells BlueDude and everyone else there will be no resting till the rest of the 6 Creators are defeated, but as there number raise there strength will also so don't hold back. BlueDude who is now greatly injured and can't heal makes his way along with Malik and Shanice the Creators, Mason there son, The other five BlueDude's, Guardian, and Blue, towards the 10th Creator. The 10th Creator has a mysterious aura around him, he takes down his hood, where everyone see's that he resembles BlueDude. There the 10th Creator mentioned how he was being generated, came upon an unused bodies that was in between the Living and Dead zone but took the strongest one, which was BlueDude's body. BlueDude is outmatched and yet the only one who can face such a being, since if anyone else were to get close they'ed be paralyzed by his Extreme strength. BlueDude uses Last Resort but is still greatly outmatched by the 10th creator.

10th grabs BlueDude, who barely has the strength to move while in Last Resort, by the head, then creates a new red Universe with one hand, He then heads toward with BlueDude in his hand, towards the center of the newly created Universe.

10th : BlueDude, I gatta say, I'm impressed by how long you've lasted but.... It's time to end this meaning less struggle wouldn't you say?

-10th then makes BlueDude shake his head up and down-

10th : Perfect, but BlueDude I gatta warn you, this will hurt A LOT!!! but will only last a second ok?

-10th makes BlueDude shake his head again-

10th : Nice. Now lets get started!

-10th gets behind BlueDude while still holding his head, takes his middle and index finger and places them in BlueDude's spine, but doesn't stop and further places it in BlueDude's heart, while at the same time, using his hand the is holding BlueDude's head, and starts to dig them into BlueDude's brain, BlueDude would yell in pain if he could-

10th : That seems about right, now time for the main event! Are you ready? Well even if you aren't here is comes! Universal Discharge!

-The Universe starts to collapse into 10th quickly, within 5 seconds the new Universe was gone. 10th's hand starts to glow red and electricity starts to flow within his hands and make it's way towards his fingers. When it got to his fingers, BlueDude's Heart, Spine, and Brain was struck. BlueDude then coughs out an enormous amount of Blood, 10th then lets BlueDude go, there BlueDude lays on the ground lifeless-

10th : Now since that is over, let's turn our heads towards that Universe over there. Could it Be?! Malik's Universe!! Just sitting out in the open like that! Well I'll just take care of that.

-10th takes his hand and opens it, A red ball then glows from the palm of his hand-

10th : Now to remove this annoying stain from the face of existence!

-The red ball then turns into an enormous laser. As it headed toward the Universe, It was stopped, By none other then BlueDude who has his head down, but BlueDude couldn't deflect it or anything so he took it head on, but was still able to stop it,-

10th : Now I'm getting annoyed, BlueDude why just you do everyone a big favor and die already.
BlueDude : I'm..... They're..... Protector..... I..... Can't...... Die..... Not..... Yet.....
10th : So your saying you will take more pain for others you don't even know?

-10th starts to clap-

10th : Very heroic...... But very stupid. Well BlueDude I was only holding back with that attack I won't this time, got any last words? I'd gladly take them now before you die, I'll even write them in my Diary, Just for you!

-10th then puts his 2 hands together and a red ball 10 times the size of the 1st one appeared. BlueDude then lifts up his head and looks 10th in the eyes-

10th : Ooohhhh! Very scary! I think I'm going to faint, but not before you. I'm still waiting on those words, I have all day, You might be healing yourself but this attack will only get stronger, No matter what your done for.
BlueDude : ... Last Resort!
10th : That's it? I was hoping for more, oh we-

-10th is then cut off by BlueDude. BlueDude's voice is then heard everywhere-

BlueDude : Death Bringer, Destroyer, Blue Chaos, Erazer, Emerald Don't hold back use your full strength and be part of me so we can become stronger! Heaven, Earth, Hell, Life and Death, Everyone give me your strength! All of it! The entire Universe, All life is at risk, People in the afterlife, I know you won't be affected by this but.... Please give me your strength! Innocent people shouldn't die! I beg of you..... EVERYONE GIVE ME ALL YOUR STRENGTH!

-The other five BlueDude's then charge into BlueDude, then becoming one with BlueDude, healing him while at the same time making him stronger. Then a pillar of Light, engulfs BlueDude, Everyone's strength, Hopes, and Dreams, was placed into the Pillar of Light, Everyone from the Living World, The After Life, and In between. An Power that surpassed 10th's was coming from the Pillar of Light. As the Pillar of light Faded away, A being that resembled a Creator emerged, but it seemed to be an improved Creator. This being had a Black Aura, The Aura Manifested around its hand to its Elbow, and forming Armor like Scales on top of the Aura unlike normal Creators who just had colored arms with Talons as fingers, Same with his foot to half way up to his knee cap, Wings that were black and looked like a demons wings, and a tail that was as well Armor Scale like, This being also unlike Normal Creators, with the parts of face covered it was White while all the other Creators were black, and his Insignia was Black but shaped as a wing of an Angel. This being didn't at the least Resemble BlueDude, but all aspects pointed to that it was him. Everyone stares at this being as if they have never seen anything like it, besides Malik and Shanice-

Malik : That's....
Shanice : The form BlueDude was in when you first created him.

-Malik then yells at BlueDude-

Malik : BlueDude! This is your main purpose! Your main purpose when I created you was not to kill me, but to kill every Creator! That's why I made you a Creator, I knew that each Creator would get stronger as they're number raised! BlueDude Go and Defeat 10th.

-10th then aims his attack at Malik who was in the opposite direction of the Universe and BlueDude, and unleashed his attack which was 100 times bigger then the previous one-

10th : Malik, You are a fool who deserves to die!

-Within a blink of an eye the attack is once again stopped by BlueDude but this time BlueDude stopped it with his hand instead of him taking it head on-

BlueDude : 10th, This is where I will defeat you!

-BlueDude then takes the hood that covered his face off, All of the sudden the Black Aura turned Blue, The Armor like Scales Aura Arms, Legs, and tailed stayed but was Blue, and the Black Demon wings transformed into Blue Angel Wings-

BlueDude : I am BlueDude the 11th Creator! And the first thing I will create.... Is a Age of Peace! 10th Get ready cause here I come!


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PostSubject: Re: The Birth Of The 11th Creator   Tue Nov 06, 2012 11:51 am

More Very Happy

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The Birth Of The 11th Creator
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