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 Best Friends / Greatest Rivals / Strongest Warriors

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PostSubject: Best Friends / Greatest Rivals / Strongest Warriors   Sun Oct 28, 2012 5:36 pm

A year Before the third and final war between our hero BlueDude and our feared Malik, there was a confrontation between the two. BlueDude The Beloved Legendary Angel and Malik The Feared Monstrous Creator.

BlueDude is in the Outer World looking at the Universe in its glory when an ominous force appears from nowhere, It was None other then Malik, who stood by BlueDude's side.

BlueDude : Malik... Look at that sight, isn't it beautiful.
Malik : You should already know my answer.
BlueDude : ... Malik why can't we just make peace and let everyone live there lives without any fear of war...
Malik : Because, as long as more then one intelligent being lives they will never fully comprehend another, Two people might want peace, One might want to give them another chance when someone tries to disrupt the peace, while someone else will kill that person for disrupting it.
BlueDude : Malik... We're more then that, we have the powers to do anything we want, even make another universe, why do you want war? Hasn't there already been enough suffering in this world?
Malik : There hasn't been enough in my opinion, Either way though I wouldn't care, they all still need to die.

BlueDude stops looking towards the Universe and faces Malik, jumping back while taking out his Eternal Sword, which Malik retaliates by taking out the Sword of Horror. The two look in each others eye, completely dead locked in the others.

BlueDude : Malik... You know as well as me that the innocent shouldn't be harmed for the minor things the minority did.
Malik : The minority you say? All life is terrible, including myself, That's why I plan on ending my life as well when I destroy the Universe!
BlueDude : Look into your heart! You kn-
Malik : I have no heart! *starts laughing* BlueDude, having a heart makes you weak, having emotions make you weak!
BlueDude : *now enraged* Malik!
Malik : BlueDude!

The two charge at each other with full strength, a sword fight breaks out between the two, Malik disarms BlueDude, but BlueDude disarmed isn't backing down and fights with his bare hands, launching a few devastating hits on Malik.

BlueDude : Malik, you can't beat me. Just give up now or during our final war, you will feel the full extent of my fury.
Malik : *with blood dripping from his mouth starts laughing* You fool *Just then Malik takes his hand and pierces through BlueDude's chest with his Talon like fingers*

BlueDude kicks Malik away from him, as his wound starts to heal Malik, stands up and looks BlueDude in the eyes.

Malik : How weak, Look at you after one hit your bleeding, how do you ever expect to beat me?
BlueDude : Easy.... with the hopes and dreams of everyone behind me, pushing me forward!

A silence grows among the two, BlueDude's wound fully heals, The two then lose all intention in fighting each other.

BlueDude : Remember Malik.... That weird tree we use to hang out at on Earth?
Malik : Yes, I do. That tree, It's special, half of it was dead, while the other half bloomed and flourished. It went against everything.
BlueDude : Yea.... I always sat on the side that was dead, while you sat on the side that was still alive, you always ate the Apples that came from that tree.
Malik : Those Apples...
-BlueDude then pulls out a Blue Apple-
BlueDude : This Apple, is one of the apples I took from that tree and implanted my strength within it, when I plant the seeds in it in the Universe peace will rain throughout the Universe.
Malik : Before you do that though, You will have to get pass me.
BlueDude : *starts laughing* I'd be glad to, but... not now, when the war comes.
Malik : Ok. See you there.

The war had no winner and no loser just casualties on both sides. Time still moved forward and with BlueDude's immense power was able to bring everyone back, and defeated Malik, but not by killing him, but by bringing him to his side, however New enemies such as The Destroyer and Erazer popped up. At the end of the BlueDude and Erazer war, while BlueDude was burring Erazer he planted the seeds of the Blue Apple with Erazer, following up on his death, Finally brought Peace to the universe. Malik following BlueDude's death devotes his self to commanding the forces of Peace, in case another enemy break out begins, until Blue was born, Malik who looks at Blue like BlueDude, gives Blue the charge of leading the forces while he takes second in command.


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Best Friends / Greatest Rivals / Strongest Warriors
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