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 Blue : The Test. Part 1

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PostSubject: Blue : The Test. Part 1   Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:35 pm

Blue who is at the grave site of BlueDude the legendary Blue Angel. There is a Sword embedded on top of the burial tomb. BlueChaos, Blue's father and the 4th BlueDude, told Blue to take the sword from the tomb. As Blue grabbed the sword a light flashed, and teleported Blue into a blank/dull area. In Blue's hand however was the Sword, but there was also a man in front of him.

Blue : Who are you? Where am I?
??? : I am BlueDude. Your in another dimension.
Blue : Why am I here?
BlueDude : You wanted to use the sword right? In order to truly use it you must defeat me.
Blue : *Hmp* Well if you say who you are, I guess I don't need to hold back.

Blue charges to BlueDude swinging the sword, left and right, horizontal and vertical, all BlueDude did was slide back gently and deflect the attacks with his own sword.

Blue : Is this all you got? You claim your him, but you haven't even even thrown a single blow yet. So tell me who are you?

BlueDude puts on a smile, Blue tries to embed the sword within BlueDude until the sword tip of the sword is stopped by the palm of BlueDude's hand, Blue looked closely and saw BlueDude's hand was naked or had no padding on it what so ever.

Blue : How.......?
BlueDude : You don't get it do you.

BlueDude flicks Blue's head, causing Blue to be sent flying, like a pebble being thrown by a giant. Blue as he lands, gets on his arms and legs, lifting his head, BlueDude with immense speed comes at him launching his knee into the face of Blue, but quickly grabbing him then elbowing him in his stomach.

Blue : .... Fine... I'll admit your strong..... Tell me.... What training did you do to become so strong?
BlueDude : .... To be honest, I've never trained once, unless you call fighting a serious fight training, then I've done it most of my life.
Blue : If.... you don't train... how do you become so strong.... What's the secret to your power?
BlueDude : ...

BlueDude then lets go of Blue, causing Blue to land on his knees. BlueDude merely turns around and starts to walk away, but then starts to speak.

BlueDude : look into that sword that is in your hands. Tell me what do you see?
-Blue, who by now regained half of his strength back, looks at the sword-
Blue : Only thing.... I see is Blue Fire....
BlueDude : Look closer, then tell me what you see.
-Blue looks closer into the sword, now being able to see more then he had previously saw-
Blue : I see... my hopes and dreams, I want to see the best happen to the world, so it becomes a better place.... but tell me... how does that have to do with your strength?

BlueDude turns and faces Blue, showing his wings, Torn and scratched from battles, He takes out a exact copy of the sword Blue is currently looking into.

BlueDude : This... sword provides the answer.
Blue : You mean hopes and dreams? I already have those, and I follow them.
BlueDude : That's why your weak.
Blue : Are you telling me to void my hopes and dreams?
BlueDude : No, that's the opposite of what I'm saying. You follow your own dreams, you are an individual.
-BlueDude conjures up a sword, then breaks it in half without and difficulty-
Blue : What does the sword mean?
BlueDude : wait. I'm not done.
-BlueDude conjures up 100 swords all bounded together by a mysterious force, and has a sight difficult time with them-
Blue : I still... don't understand. What do the swords mean?
BlueDude : The swords, they are the embodiment of the people's hopes and dreams, the first one I broke showed you, easy to break, all alone. While the hundred swords, it was harder to break each of them at once. If you only follow your own hopes and dreams, you won't go anywhere since if you fail only your hopes and dreams will be lost in the process, you must burden the weight of everyone's hopes and dreams on your shoulders, knowing if you fail everyone fails, giving you a more instinctive erg to fight even harder.

As Blue gets back on his knee's he looks into the sword one more time, seeing his own hopes and dreams, he then concentrates and see's not only his but his mother and fathers hopes and dreams as well.

BlueDude : Good. Now with some weight on your shoulders let's see how better you do.

To be continued


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PostSubject: Re: Blue : The Test. Part 1   Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:48 am


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PostSubject: Re: Blue : The Test. Part 1   Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:35 pm

5/5 stars Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Blue : The Test. Part 1   

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Blue : The Test. Part 1
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