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 BlueDude Vs Erazer (Abyss's and Void's Short story)

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PostSubject: BlueDude Vs Erazer (Abyss's and Void's Short story)   Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:08 am

Abyss and his Older twin brother Void, Both cursed to die on the day they was born. Erazer, The New Devil with a heart of an Angel, Blessed the two with Powers of a God, Body of a Man, Intellect of a genius, so that they wouldn't die. They wondered the Earth with no perspective of who or what they were, The two soon separated. Abyss ran into BlueDude the Angel who finally achieved Peace for the Universe. BlueDude who ran into Abyss thinking he was the deceased Erazer, came prepared and ready to talk thank Erazer for stabilizing his energy and not destroying everything. BlueDude saw that it was Erazer and asked who was he. Abyss who at the time couldn't even remember his own name, looked at BlueDude and responded "I don't know who I am.... But I presume your BlueDude.... The Legendary Blue Angel..... Can you help me Find out who I am?". BlueDude asks if Abyss can remember anything, and how did he know who he was. Abyss replied "I don't know how I know you.... its just something stuck in my head.... And as what I can remember.... I can remember crying.... Babies crying....". BlueDude helps Abyss retrieve some of his memories, such as he has a twin brother named Void, That he was one of the crying babies, and that his name was Abyss, Also he remembered seeing a man with Hair as bright as fire, and wings as tainted as blood, Erazer. BlueDude Realizing Erazer is still alive goes back to the Sanctuary where every other Hero was. Abyss with Hair as tired as smoke and wings as forgotten as the Darkness waited for BlueDude until his brother void came around. BlueDude who had just returned see's that Void takes out his White Erazer Sword*A sword with a Laser like appearance* and trys to attack Abyss. BlueDude who stops the Void's with his Eternal Sword*A Sword that is made of Fire as solid as steal but as deadly as confronting death* and pushes Void back. Void claims he wants to kill his younger brother, while Abyss wants to make peace with Void. Abyss who gets a minor cut on his arm realizes that he cant talk to his brother.... and as to fight him. Abyss who takes out his Black Erazer Sword charges at Void. After a Dynamic battle, Void uses Final Resort*A Power or Energy source Erazer has that is equally powerful to BlueDude's Last Resort, takes from the heart to give the user Dynamic/Unstoppable strength unless fought against another Final Resort or an Last Resort, Also only the strongest of the strong can use these type of moves or there bodies would get ripped to dust due to the over amount of energy that flowed through thier bodies* and uses Final Gambit*Similar to Last Gambit, the user claps there hands together then takes one hand and touches the opponent and engulfs them in a Colossal Energy wave, That gets rid 99.9% of the user's strength or energy leaving them powerless* and leaves Abyss in a shock. BlueDude who was told to stay out of the fight hurries to the scene as fast as he can. Void gets up, and takes out his White Erazer sword, and stabs Abyss in the heart, ultimately killing Abyss. BlueDude who just arrives see's that hes to late and takes his Eternal Sword, and places it in Voids skull. Erazer who is watching from the far had never planned this, He hoped that Abyss and Void would help BlueDude defeat him once and for all. BlueDude feeling Erazers presence charges towards Erazer, Hoping to get revenge for Abyss. Only thing Erazer had to do was run, He knew him and BlueDude, after using Final Gambit and Final Resort on each other, had to run. Erazer only had one question, Who corrupted Void?

Year - 6264
Abyss - 5 days old
Void - 6 days old
BlueDude - 4252 years old
Erazer - 1324 years old


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BlueDude Vs Erazer (Abyss's and Void's Short story)
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