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 Soooo Bored.....

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PostSubject: Soooo Bored.....   Sat Jul 28, 2012 4:09 pm

So Bored.... nothing to do.... I'm so sleepy.... i should stop staying up so late playing online games with my GF.... she can stay awake for about an entire day.... Oh Jito did u try out that game I recomended for you to try out? The Gundam Capsule game. Also you should watch Sgt Frog since Keroro knows his Gundam..... hm what else. I wish Soul Master would come out already *sigh* but sadly i heard it will only be re-released in Europe >.> n the fact that Aurath lives in Europe and probably wont play it makes me want to play it more. Hm.... thinking... I made my first story in a long time.... Check out my youtube channel Sometimes i forget to post Touhoumon Videos on Pokemon Nation or that i didnt add the Annotations yet.... What else.... Some how i was removed from Writers Block.... I love my Avatar... I faced Gohan in Dragon ball Z..... he really hates my char Blue... the funny thing is I faced him twice in Super Saiyan form then I face him while hes in Super Saiyan 2 n he said he was finally going to beat me... he didnt. I faced my cousin in DBZ we was fooling around then we got serious... I owned him XD. What else..... um. Kyurem isnt a legendary just a Alien Pokemon..... Eh Got any ideas on what i could do so im not bored anymore give some suggestions n no my battle with Clever bot is over n i won. Hm ima go 2 sleep now *yawn*


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Soooo Bored.....
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