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 Discussion About Kyurem + Arcues

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PostSubject: Discussion About Kyurem + Arcues   Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:13 pm

Ok No. This isnt about Ooohhh how will Kyurem Fuse with Zekrom or Reshiram. No Im gettin down 2 the Facts about Kyurem n what i think about some other stuff related to Kyurem.

- Kyurem Under rated Legendary?

Ok. Kyurem in my opinion was a very under rated Legendary pokemon. All the stats made it weak. N makin it Ice/Dragon made it open for more SE moves. Sure in pokemon B2 n W2 Kyurem has new Forms n maybe new Types but Thats not what matters here. in B n W Kyurem was a pokemon that really wasnt the best. I then decided to look more into Kyurem..... N found out he really isnt that Under rated but Misunderstood

- Kyurem isnt a Legendary Pokemon!

Wait What? Kyurem isnt a legendary? Thats right Kyurem cant be an legendary Pokemon N that reason is Obvious. Kyurem is a Alien pokemon as in he came from another planet so 2 speak. Where Kyurem comes from we dont know if theres like an area for Kyurems or not. In my opinion untill more info is released about Kyurem n not just that he came 2 earth from a meteor He wont be considered a legendary pokemon but an Alien Pokemon, N if more info is released ima still call him an Alien Pokemon since thats what he is.

- Eating Humans?

I think i read this one right. Kyurem ate humans? If not he did Freeze them. I not 100% on this one since i havnt played Pokemon B n W in a while so lets just make this one a if*. Anyways if i remember correctly Kyurem ate Humans.... or did something with them. I dont think a Pokemon has ever eaten a human on purpose or in general, I mean like sure Darkrai puts people 2 sleep n gives them never ending nightmares but we have a pokemon 2 cancel that. Like i said more info needs 2 be released bout Kyurem in Pokemon B2 n W2,

- More Pokemon Then we Expect?

This one is an Givin ObV. We all know there might be more regions n more pokemon but thats not what im talkin about. Kyurem the Pokemon from space..... How dont we know if there are different pokemon out there? Kyurem is one example of that, N i think Clefairy is also a pokemon from Space but from the moon i think. How dont we know if there is an entire planet *besides Earth in pokemon* that has pokemon? I just wanted 2 point this out as another reason y Kyurem isnt a legendary but at the same time explaining more.

- Lets go 2 Arceus for a second

Arceus, The creator of Pokemon *i at 1st thought Mew was but idk now i guess Arcues is* Is it possible that Arceus created more Pokemon on other planets to make them escape the humans? *questions u gatta ask yourself* Or what if There are similar Creator pokemon like Arceus n Arceus was givin 2 Earth? Just imagine other Creator pokemon, in if so Were they all one Super Creator pokemon before but then divided into many? Just a question I felt like asking.

-Ending Discussion

Ok So those are my Opinions on Kyurem n Arceus o.o but mainly Kyurem in this fact. What are your guys opinions about this? Agree, Disagree, Your own Opinions. Also i would like 2 state the fact they Kyurem has the ability 2 Merge with Zekrom n Reshiram. Which.... may be due 2 the fact there also pokemon from outer space? You never know tho.


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Discussion About Kyurem + Arcues
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