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 How to gain Char Warriors in Pokemon conquest

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PostSubject: How to gain Char Warriors in Pokemon conquest   Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:49 pm

Ok Ok Yea Yea I know. When u 1st start playin Pokemon Conquest of course its going 2 teach you how to get pokemon but..... Chars like Masamune n Hanbei. Or what evs. I mean the chars who are Yellow or Golden n not Gray. *U will see what i mean when u play n when u look at ur char and when u recruit a person for ur army* Sometimes you have to beat the people with Yellow names a few times. I mean like i beated Mitsuhide a few times with 1 hit on the 2nd turn *5 times i beated him like that* He kept sayin he would be back. on the 6th time I did the same n he complemented me n was able 2 join my army. Im not 100% on sure on this since i got his daughter on 1st shot but you never know I might have been messing up.


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How to gain Char Warriors in Pokemon conquest
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