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 Been Playin Rusty Hearts recently o.o

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PostSubject: Been Playin Rusty Hearts recently o.o   Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:09 am

Yea so there is this game called Rusty Hearts. I've been playing it N so far i got 3 people 2 come play the game and they love it as do I XD. I started playing on Thursday *June 14th 2012* N i was playin as Frantz. Hes a Vampire. But i was only using him till he was lv 10. When i got him 2 lv 10. I was done. On Friday i went to the store and bought an $20 perfect world card and used it on RH. *The thing is your char has 2 be lv 10 in order to actually put money on your account*. So Im playing as the Char I Rly Wanted. Edgar *Pic of Edgar will be in post*. Im Saying YES! I made him to lv 10 like at the same rate as Frantz. On Saturday I started to tell my friends about the game, a guy said he would try it, and this girl said she would play it cause i play it? Eh not sure y she would play it because of me... o.o but anyways my friend started to download it on saturday, later the girl said there was no cute characters so im like... im still going 2 play RH o.o then she said she would join but sounded really mad. On Sunday I was about 2 cry XD both of them were having problems trying to play the game! im trying to help them step by step but there doing the wrong things and im just laughing. I had the same problem but since i know what im doing, so i decide 2 tell them how to fix there problems. The guy cant even get past the launcher, while the girl's game wouldnt start. So im like...... rly? I then went to go play RH Very Happy . i then join a guild in RH but i set my chat to guild only so i couldnt see anything else, i go to my friends later and it turns out the guy was playing it and trying to whisper me XD. But since i had it in Guild Chat only i didnt see. The Girl however still cant seem to get the game started so im like puzzled. she said she had 2 leave so she left. I didnt go back on RH i sorta wish i did tho XD. Well on Monday or aka yesterday. The girl said she played it and it was fun *Yea.. i think after that she wasnt playin it cause of me anymore XD* but, she said the game wont start now. So im telling her sometimes you have to wait like 3 mins n she like thats crazy.... then she goes afk *we r playing an online game at the time* she comes back in lik 10 mins n says the game started I started to die XD then told her and my friend 2 start playing, I met them there, The guy picked Frantz and the girl picked Natasha, I was Edgar, Now we had 2 wait for my cousin who was Tude. Im lv 18, My cousin lv 16, Guy was lv 5, girl was lv 1, Huge Lv Separation. The funny thing that on monday was that me and my friend *guy* was in a party together, n this random guy comes and calls me beautiful, im like.... Im a guy dude. The random dude runs away and im like in party chat, Look at him run away XD, then my friend said Dont Worry hes Stupid >.> N my guild was saying the same thing, I told the girl n she died XD. I wonder whats going 2 happen today O_O. Anyways here the pic I promised.

Also here is a song I love from RH. I loved it so much its in my phone o.o


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PostSubject: Re: Been Playin Rusty Hearts recently o.o   Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:42 pm

Cool game

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Been Playin Rusty Hearts recently o.o
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