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 Fun Game Rude People

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PostSubject: Fun Game Rude People   Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:13 am

I just found this Super fun game XD. Its Rly Rly Fun. its called S4 Leauge XD. I love all the fighting Twisted Evil But there Rude people in the game lol. One guy gets mad at me for putting a Turrent Down.... when he did the same thing ~_~ that.... doesnt make sense does it? Now hes stalking me sayin how Bad i am. I laugh n tell him 2 get a life XD. Theres another guy who gets an attiude with me cause me n 4 other people was talking about Winnie the Pooh. This game is full of hatas...... But u know what XD. I LOVE HATAS CAUSE in a way there Jelly. ^_^ lol. Well... yea... thats it mainly XD. I thought some other guy was mad at me... but turns out... Since i was the Healer of the Team n Mass Supporter *Also i had a Assult Rifle that Pretty killed everyone till it ran out of ammo same with the turrent* he knew i was there supply core on winning... n he was right XD


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Fun Game Rude People
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