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 BlueDudes Char Bio : ~R*H*~ Star

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PostSubject: BlueDudes Char Bio : ~R*H*~ Star   Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:02 pm

~R*H*~ Star. A dangerous person. He is known as Star the Trouble Maker or Star the Dark Angel.

He has two forms. His Human Form.

And his Demonic Form

But We have seen that he can not stay in his Demonic form for long. merely a few seconds.

He has last been seen at Crystal Cave and a Party.

Crystal Cave seems to be his normal hang out but anyone who isnt Star that enters his cave never comes but... there has been one person to come out everytime. We belive that she is helping Star.

There was a nice little party in a small town. Stars demons came in and wrecked the whole place. Star went in with his Bloody Scythe and got rid of all of the Demons and clams he had nothing to do with it.

Star has been a real Problem that not even i have been able to deal with. If seen stay away from him at all times unless you wanna become his Scythes next meal. Danger Alert from 1 as the lowest and 10 the highest. Star is rated as a 9 on the scale.


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Aer Dragneel

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PostSubject: Re: BlueDudes Char Bio : ~R*H*~ Star   Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:31 pm

*Walks into his cave*

Heyyy dude.

*walks out*


You ain't got nothing on me
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BlueDudes Char Bio : ~R*H*~ Star
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