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 Malik More Detailed

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PostSubject: Malik More Detailed   Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:10 pm

Malik-Age ???, Malik is said 2 have he would destory everything, And his power makes it so can do it, but there are people standing in his way, Mainly BlueDude his best friend and greatest enemy.

Back Story
Malik's Chlid hood is hidden in darkness from everyone else. When he was a young age he lost his mother. He was told it was his fault by his father and older brother. When Malik was 9 he saw a young boy who was being beaten on by some bullys. He went to stop them and while in getting in the way a ground bursted into flames but then quicky stopped. The kids ran away besides the one who was on the ground. That boy was BlueDude. They soon became best friends. As time grew on Malik gained Uncontrollable power to anyone. But do to him Becoming the Devil and a monster he gain controll of the Dark power within. He then sets out to get rid of his Father and Brother with his younger Siblings helping him on the way. After the battle with the older Brother who has been delt with he kills his younger siblings. Then aims for his father who laughs at him every second. BlueDude shockingly comes in to help Malik but not for long. BlueDude gets strucked with a Fatal hit from Malik cause Malik wanted it be a one on one fight. Malik ends up winning and leaves BlueDude to die. Malik then goes missing for years and reappears when BlueDude is finally gives everyone the Peace They wanted. But when Malik returned he returns with BlueDudes Father and Sister as his strongest warriors by his side. They also have the "Special Being" Power which makes BlueDudes attacks do nothing to them But Blue's Cousin GreenDude and Friend Shadow handle them. Malik turns away hoping that the War will end with him winning untill BlueDude comes towards Malik at Blinding Speed. When Malik looks at BlueDude he sees that his eyes are Blood Red and thought to hisself he was going to die. Malik took some Fatal Blows from BlueDude but ends up beating BlueDude with one hit. Blue didnt want to kill anyone which led to him to die. In the Story where Malik gets his way he is suddenly stopped by the Time Beings who control time. Malik tho ends them with him losing Controll of his powers which ends up killing everyone and everything. In story where Bluedude gets his way even though hes dead Malik ends up blind and very weak and unable to end everything so he brings Peace to the people. In a week Malik crys cause he wasnt blind anymore and his mom was standing in front of him saying I will end to world. Malik ends up having to kill her after losing her once he sits under The "Special Angel" Apple tree. He sat there with blank eyes as if he was dead. He was near to death but then BlueDude comes back but he isnt truely BlueDude. It was Death Bringer BlueDude but Malik wasnt strong enough to stop him. He gives up his Body Mind and Soul to bring the Real BlueDude back and before he goes he says to BlueDude. After you win you can do whatever you want with that old body of mines. BlueDude didnt know what he meant but he followed Maliks last wish and did what he wanted to.

Malik had said to be the first "Special Being" but he wasnt. The first Special Being was BlueDude. After the war with the Shape Shifters BlueDude was at the brink of death. Malik made BlueDude into a "Special Being" and then decided to make his Father the Legendary Hero Black Wind and his Sister Blaze into "Special Beings" There were only 3 Special Beings. BlueDude, Black Wind, and Blaze. Malik also has 5 alt forms. Malik is 1st. Demon is 2nd. Chaos is 3rd. Nzorp is 4th. and Final one is Claw. Malik being the strongest absorbed the rest. Even tho they were all different they all wanted everything to end. Malik Was never a "Special Being" but he was the thing he hated the most. He was a Human. But he has always refered to him self as being the God to special beings. Malik Also was the reason why his mother died when he was young. But it truely wasnt Malik, It was Chaos who looked just like Malik but His Left eye is Red and Right is Black while Maliks Left eye is Black and his Right eye is Red. Malik also is the one who killed all of the Angels which leaves BlueDude as the last Legendary Angel. Malik is also said to have seen time began and fall infront of his eyes multiple times and never gave 2nd notice to BlueDude due to BlueDude only appeared once through out his entire time watching the World Fall and Rise. Maliks Reasons are unknown to everyone including hisself but seems to enjoy what he does and when it happens. Malik has no care in the world and would rather see it fall by his hands. If someone tryed to crush Earth he would step in and stop them so he could destory Earth. Malik The "Special Being" was only given to him cause he Absorbed the Devils power and the uncontrollable power of the monster which was sealed off due to it was the bringer of the end


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Malik More Detailed
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