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 Weird things are happening 2 me....

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PostSubject: Weird things are happening 2 me....   Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:15 pm

ugh.... all of my life so far, weird things have been happening to me....

Today i think is the is the day where i will go insane....

There is 1 good thing that comes out of me having weird things happen. I always end up gaining good luck.

... I wont be on for a week *Or longer* due to I need to gain my Sanity back....

-Weird things that have happened to me today so far-
~I was walking to school with my cousin. Everything was Quite. We wasnt even a minute away from the house. A girl yells out .... *Sry if its not rated PG* "I want to have your baby" Turns out that girl has a Crush on me....

~Somehow Me and my friends get into a Weird conversation *This is 100% not rated PG so i will not say it* But we ended up saying a guy had one them....

~I was in class. and everyone just starts to bug out including the teacher. I dont even know what for? I just sat there like uuhh?

~During Computer Class *Intro to web* I was watching a friend play a game. I walk over and tell him whats going to happen *I never had played the game* and i was correct. He was on the 17th stage and I think theres 20. He took over 10 mins trying to beat it. I do it in 30 secs.

~During World History... I see my cousin Trying to bribe the teacher?

~Now the girl who has a crush on me. Is now going to "Baby sit" my cousin... which.... i gatta say... im not happy with that...

-Weird things that have happened to me so far-

As you can read. I want to let you guys know. That all of that has happed within 4 hours. Im sure by the end of today im going to go insane....
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PostSubject: Re: Weird things are happening 2 me....   Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:45 pm


you think that's weird

best post ever ^
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Weird things are happening 2 me....
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