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 Pictures from my 3ds!!! *There are 14*. *Description on each pic*

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PostSubject: Pictures from my 3ds!!! *There are 14*. *Description on each pic*   Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:01 pm

This was my first time doing this on the 3ds. Sadly I lost the cards.

Decided to step things up. Sadly i messed up somewhere i think

Aipom!!!! AIPom!!!! AIPOM!!!!!! *Aipom = my fav pokemon aswell as Ambipom*

Oh Snap. Its Zekrom.... U all know what that means.... ^_^ I was trying to fill up Pokedex 3d.

??? I dont know who this is... he's my brothers creation......

This is Mr.Sleepy Cat. ^_^ Im not much of a cat guy but Hes awesome lol.

This is Mrs.Sleepy Cat. Mr.Sleepy Cat's Wife. duh.

This is Sleep Cat Junior. He is truely Epic.... and Small.

This is Cyborg. Or One Eye.... His Name is Cyborg though. ^_^ my 2nd Mii on 3ds.

This is a pic from CSW.. or SWC? Well Im in love with that game ^_^ I still play it even though I beated it 1000 Times aswell as Samurai Warriors 3.

My 2 second fav pokemon. There neck and neck on why I love them lol.

This is Cyborg.... in a skittles bath *I got bored!*

This pic s from when Aegis was in his "Gary/Blue/Green" Phase lol.

Finally its N. ^_^ The Best of Trainers. With his Son?! and the Main Female trainer?!


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Pictures from my 3ds!!! *There are 14*. *Description on each pic*
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